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someone who's songs i liked on soundcloud just tweeted screenshots of me liking their songs with the caption "how is this even possible"

i forgot i put the unicode reverse character in my soundcloud name

so in the screenshot, the emails are completely reversed

real question: do you know "schnozzberry" as

a) that Willy Wonka thing
b) some vape thing
c) who ever heard of a schnozzberry

because these Google results threw me for a bit
Ayumi Hamasaki - evolution

every now and then I feel like reliving anime convention days. unfortunately, a lot of my friends aren't in that scene anymore, so it's not quite the same

(maybe not unexpected: a lot of the parkour types I train with are *big* into anime cons. or at least the raves)

I restarted my laptop, tried Bluetooth send from the phone again, and IT WORKED

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@ninjawedding for macOS the keyword you're probably looking for is seatbelt. I haven't really looked at it much, but I don't think the tooling is as nice as, say, nsjail or similar linux tools. Anyhow, it's what Chrome uses on macOS

or does someone know how to make Bluetooth file receive actually work, because so far the instructions I've seen are like reading cult texts
it still astounds me that sending arbitrary data streams to servers thousands of kilometers away is easy, but sending arbitrary data streams to another computer dozens of centimeters away is a complete clusterfuck
For Windows, Sandboxie ( is said to have a feature set similar to firejail, but it doesn't look like it's meant to be used as a subordinate program. On the other hand, Windows does have quite a lot in the way of isolation tools (e.g. so maybe the Windows answer is "write it myself"
Hey, Windows and macOS experts:

Any advice about isolating subprocesses? Here's my use case.

I have a program which uses ffprobe and youtube-dl to probe media files and play them from the network. These programs only need network access, stdin, stdout, and perhaps temporary storage. They should not need any other privileges, and I want to enforce that.

Under Linux I know I can use firejail ( and maybe also nsjail ( to achieve what I want. I am developing this app for Windows and macOS too though, and am not sure where I should start looking for options.
BUT! on a positive note, after hacking around this build system faff I *do* now have a way to fuzz test some of SotF's code paths that deal with hostile network input.

the screenshotted run is a shot of american fuzzy lop on the code that attempts to identify a feed type (Mastodon, StatusNet) from the response body
okay, so if you want to use afl-{gcc,g++} or any other compiler wrapper that doesn't compose like ccache, the official solution *is* to make your own qmake spec file. the compiler selection box in Qt Creator doesn't actually do anything for qmake projects beyond the known "gcc" and "clang" categories

there is a bright side, I guess. usually dev tools don't tell you to go F yourself quite as blatantly as this

I found a build system that is even more inscrutable than CMake!

it's qmake

like, with CMake if I set e.g. -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=afl-g++, CMake will use afl-g++. if I do that with qmake, the compiler it uses is actually up to a complicated series of qmake spec files somewhere on the filesystem :thaenking:

what is it with build systems being completely unusable and inscrutable? why isn't, like, the build system just part of the damn program

(cue people telling me about Jai)
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Finding a CPU Design Bug in the Xbox 360

<<The recent reveal of Meltdown and Spectre reminded me of the time I found a related design bug in the Xbox 360 CPU – a newly added instruction whose mere existence was dangerous.>>

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Oh hey, C++17 is official

or rather it was official a month or so ago. -std=c++17 works in gcc 7 and clang 5

but tbh this is the only improvement I've been able to do that I couldn't do under -std=c++1z:
Marketing emails from across the world are always hilarious

So is astronomy, I guess. I have some idea of what constellations are visible from the Northern Hemisphere, but if I were to ever go south I'm sure I'd be absolutely confused