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Actually it turns out that Adafruit has this platform called FLORA that seems like it'd be a great base to build on

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Hi Lazyweb,

I'm looking for a device that:

  • Can use GPS (though I guess GLONASS or Galileo also work) to track distances and velocity while running
  • Can store and play music using Bluetooth
  • Will allow me to download run logs, wired or wireless -- either is fine by me
  • Can survive at least one contact with concrete and/or water, because come on it's fucking 2021
  • Does not require any sort of online account or pairing process

Any suggestions? Assume budget is not a concern.

If no such devices exist, I was planning to go check out how I could build something like this on my own (read: "go spend a lot of time on Adafruit"), but there's a possibility that something like this is out there.

To do my part to reduce energy use, this weekend I built llvm and gcc 26 times

OK I know I kinda shat on the ReactiveUI naming, but a week or so in and I'm really starting to like the paradigm

The names, though...well, I guess that'll have to be handled with some additional project docs

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To be clear, I am definitely guilty of name crimes too. I committed a lot of those when I released Ruby code

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The .NET ReactiveUI package contains the following components:

  • Akavache, an asynchronous key-value store
  • Fusillade, an HTTP request rate limiter(?)
  • Pharmacist, which seems largely concerned with NuGet packages
  • Punchclock, a scheduler for deferred actions
  • Sextant, which seems to have something to do with reusable code for implementing model-view-viewmodel patterns
  • Splat, which just seems to have random stuff in it

Naming is a hard problem, but it's even worse when we aren't even trying

The Terminator except the target is whoever invented Javascript+CSS modal dialogs

I wonder if the dirty secret of USB-PD is that it's an unsolvable mess and every vendor just hardcodes a bunch of vendor/product IDs or something

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USB Power Delivery negotiation must be a trip. Two anecdotes:

  • I have a Goal Zero USB-C adapter that can supply 60W to certain Goal Zero battery products. When plugged into a Dell laptop, however, it seems to only supply 45W.
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy something that, when plugged into a Samsung charger, negotiates a mode which seems to draw 25W. This does not seem to occur on any other USB power adapter I've tried, including the aforementioned adapter that can supply 60W.

Not sure if I've missed something, but web audio is funny:

  • Play Opus stream: Route it to an <audio>, almost every major browser can decode it. Done.
  • OK, now I want to do something with Ogg metadata in the Opus stream: compile libogg, libopus, and glue code to WebAssembly, chuck the whole-ass thing into a webpage and move the whole player to a WebAudio graph

That seems like a pretty big jump, especially given (1) Opus is an IETF standard and (2) there's so much stuff in the Web platform anyway, what's some extra stream parsing...

ok maybe it's more like D&B and future bass but who the hell do you think I am, Ishkur

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Synthion - True (feat. STΔRLIVHT♠♥)

This is the credits theme to that VN I mentioned a little bit ago and it's a banger. I'm hoping it shows up in NOISZ STΔRLIVHT proper.

Also Synthion has a bunch of other cool stuff on her channel, check it out if you're into uhh glitchanimecore? I don't really know how to describe it

(To me, this is weird because it seems like most of me is either in the "feels like I can push myself as long as I need to" or the "lol hell no" bucket, not really somewhere in between)

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Anyone else practicing handstands think that their wrists have really weird recovery behavior?

I'll typically practice handstands or some handbalancing thing (headstands, straddles, etc.) for about thirty minutes in an hour span, and at the end of that the wrists are super wobbly. 20 minutes later, they're feeling fine and ready to go again. I don't think I have another body part that seems to exhaust and refresh that quickly.

I seem to be getting into weird rhythm game hybrids recently. A friend pointed me to NOISZ:, which is some combination of bullet hell shmup, rhythm game, and visual novel. The demo's pretty fun, and the game has the usual sync adjustment and sync test you need in a rhythm game. (It's a big deal. Lag is so screwed up in most computers and mine are no different...)

The company behind NOISZ has also released a series of VNs that relate to the world of NOISZ, with 2ECONDS TO STΔRLIVHT: My Heart's Reflection being the latest in the series.

I learned there's a monitoring system and time series database called Prometheus, and I can't tell if it's genius to name a monitoring thing for distributed systems after a symbol of unintended consequences

I'm reading a 1979 NASA paper titled "State of the art survey of technologies applicable to NASA's aeronautics, avionics and controls program" and I think there's some neat stuff in there.

Specifically, section 4.2 talks about UI design for glass cockpits and covers some problems that are still (more?) relevant today, such as

  • problems with deep menu hierarchies
  • how to store large databases and quickly read them (second place I've seen bubble memory mentioned)
  • compensating for lack of tactile feedback on touch screens (heh heh)

Also present is what I think is a mockup for a map UI, which seem pretty close to what we see in 2020-era mapping applications

The typeface is (as one might expect) part of a larger design system. I dunno, I like reading about this stuff

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