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"TikTok Acquires Zoom" would be a hilarious headline right about now

TIL Plasma (KDE's desktop shell thing) deprecated the Obsidian Coast color scheme and what the hell is going on over there that deprecating a color scheme is a thing

lol these metaphors are so stupid

what are they going to do, nuke the virus

I've been doing parkour classes over Zoom for a few weeks now.

Zoom is a security disaster but that isn't what bugs me. What really bugs me about it is that teleconferencing in its current iteration is like a turn-based battle system in an RPG: movement phase, watch phase, explain phase, repeat. The quick feedback that you get from in-person instruction is gone, replaced with blocky representations of the people you used to see every day.

Oh, yeah, and technoshit glitches: earbud microphones dropping out, unexplainable packet loss, the goddamn unkillable latency, echo cancellation failures.

It's something I have to live with, I guess. The structure compounded with the flaws of the medium just means that you're constantly aware that it's a poor substitute for what you used to have. Maybe that's a good thing.

I also confuse "V" for "S" because "select clip" in Premiere is V; in kdelive, V is an insert action, and doing that accidentally seems to trash internal state to the point where I can no longer move clips. also moving multiple clips seems to do this

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wow, kdenlive 18.12.3 is really buggy. adding transitions between two clips seems to do spooky action on clips later on in the timeline

Territory Studio's exposition through the UI they created for Blade Runner 2049:

unfortunately the UI on the page, like the UI in the film, is frustrating and impractical: the auto-sliders are too fast and they don't always stop when you want them to. if you can get it to work, though, there's a lot of neat detail

so there's requests for people who have known to have had COVID-19 to donate plasma for (as I understand it) experimental treatments and devising antibody tests

however, I'm seeing general calls for people to donate blood, and I don't understand how that's connected. is this a game of telephone that's just gone wrong or is there more to it

also ongoing: Age of Pandora (yeah, still going, chapter 27 for today!) and my tumbling class, which moved to a handstand work Zoom teleconference (yeah I know, Zoom is shit, that's why it's only on a compromised device)

I think I've found ways to stave off atrophy, now I gotta keep being careful to stave off respiratory failure

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day 30 of not seeing anyone in person and I've managed to establish the most consistent parkour training schedule I've ever had. 1-2 hours, every day

ever since the US started calling this a "war", I've now seen references to Pearl Harbor and the Apollo Program. seems like one silly metaphor, on average, creates 2.5 other silly metaphors

trying to figure out some really strange behavior on my ZFS disk array where accessing data is painfully slow over the network (like 20 kB/s), but disk access on the machine appears to be fine, and scrubbing hasn't found any errors yet. hmm

has someone done a corporate communications bingo card yet

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there are only so many times you can write "unprecedented times" before a precedent is established

went through some games I haven't played recently and I want to share that the credits theme to Jamestown (2011) is so good. here you go

of course

just in case it's not clear, this is not a suggestion to give money to Square Enix; you can decide whether that's appropriate on your own

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last I checked, Plague Inc was trending on Steam but Deus Ex wasn't. what is that

like come on, you're in a pandemic that Western governments can't figure out how to handle, that's literally how Deus Ex starts

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We’re sharing games we’ve made? A few years ago I wrote Space Adventure Laika, a Twine game about being a small dog who is going to die.

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