@oolongstains oh Virginia, I guess?

there also seems to be some plans for a key server that multiple states' applications can talk to, which I hope takes off -- this sort of thing really needs it

@oolongstains oh, whoa, nice -- that's the first time I've seen what that notification looks like

I wish Exposure Notification was active down here in the States -- it seems like the only real shot we have at any sort of effective contact tracing program. (The current programs all involve calling people and relying on their recollection...)

I think what's remarkable about this article, though, is that it showed me, someone who doesn't use Haskell very much, how in a system like Haskell you can reason about surprises like this using (more or less) just substitution and reduction.

maybe it's a thing in (say) C++ too, but I can't recall consciously operating like that

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Haskell programmers seem to have a lot more fun than me:

"How Accursed and Unutterable is accursedUnutterablePerformIO?": free.cofree.io/2020/07/20/perf

@iliana i think that's an accidentally brilliantly profound statement on the state of civic responsibility in the US

Gareth Emery - The Lasers (album launch live set) youtube.com/watch?v=9TZ-tnRyQ7

(note: video contains strobe lights)

@djsumdog oh, hmm, I didn't consider that that'd be a tradeoff. I'd find it interesting if that were indeed the case

y'all ever watch TV news these days and wonder how they haven't figured out latency compensation yet

I am surprised that the proposal for 🀨 unicode.org/L2/L2015/15325-rai does not even consider πŸ€” in the Factors For Exclusion > Already Representable section

the first time I saw 🀨 , I thought it was a slight variant on the shade throwing of πŸ€”

@cascode @er1n oh, I haven't tried it on a phone (mine's in "you idiot, you drained the battery" mode lol)

at least in Firefox's responsive design mode, there's a lot of horizontal scrolling

@er1n yes! it's one of the most readable doxygen outputs I've seen

STX (lamarrr.github.io/STX/index.ht) is an error-handling library for C++ that looks a lot like A Certain Other Language and I wish to subscribe to its newsletter

or at least give it a try in a codebase I have that already heavily uses result types to see how it stacks up

@velartrill this is going to be poorly articulated (because microblogging) but I've noticed something like this too and it bugs the hell out of me

Americans' inability to cooperate to contain COVID is a big contemporary example of this, but there's smaller popular examples: the recurrent Black Friday stampedes, fifteen-minute indignation over an expired coupon, someone loudly revving a motor on a residential street because It Makes Me Happy And That's My Right, Damnit

I guess "entitlement" is a first approximation but that word feels inadequate; I feel like it's more of a poisonous abstraction on how we treat people we don't directly know, but I can't find the word for it

@piggo oh good, now people can stop saying how only C++ lets you do that

TIL it's possible to put JLab Air Executive airbuds into a state where the power switch doesn't work by switching Bluetooth sources erratically

πŸ’― firmware engineering in that thing

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