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@hierofalco in February-April 2018 in the US, SESTA/FOSTA was going through legislative bodies and there was a similar Big Migration

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Excited to announce I’m launching my new blog, β€œCD-ROM Journal”! I’m going to be writing about weird, interesting games and multimedia art. I’ve got a couple of posts I’m really proud of to launch with! I hope you enjoy and find it interesting.

First up is a post on Daizaburo Harada’s β€œAL: Artificial Life (Insects)”, a wildly experimental cross-media project covering a CG art book, a novel, and a game. I go deep into its inspirations and every part of the project.


@hierofalco congratulations! hoping I can pull off the same thing for once :)

Oh, the RGB effect controls are in a different file, never mind

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(There is a Linux kernel module for tweaking LED patterns on the Razer Kraken headsets at github.com/openrazer/openrazer, and it claims to support the Razer Kraken Kitty, but I don't see it in the driver source code and I'm also wondering if this really needs to be a kernel module)

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Never expected a couple years' worth of looking at USB host-to-device traces to be useful in getting cat ear headphones to do their thing, but here we are

re: computers 


dynamic linking discourse

wait what

@lm oh for sure!

I haven't practiced photography in a while (maybe I should change that?) but the effort needed to find, compose, light, and edit what you want to see in your mind's eye is something I'm not going to forget

@lm I love these subjects you're finding and the photos you're getting

I have yet to find a place that does (1) and (2) but do let me know if you know of such a location

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Seems like the only times I get enough time to do work are

  1. at laundromats
  2. in trees

@hierofalco congrats! I think that's longer than almost any place I've been at thus far

@tindall heh, kinda! if you're referring to Evanston, Illinois: there are designated official trick-or-treat hours, though so far nobody's been legally punished for going out-of-bounds :)

(I live there, this is an amusing recurring thing)

T-Mobile (maybe others) seem to be doing this thing where they'll provide a name along with a number, but it's the name of the account holder, not who's actually calling you.

So far I've found this to be a great way to find out names of people's spouses, but not really all that useful for telling me who's calling

Obvious solution: put all server software permanently into maintenance mode

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