In the ActivityStreams 2.0 properties ( there are several properies that can take on either a single value or array of values: url, for example. I don't see this multiplicity annotated in the spec, though.

Am I missing that information, or is it documented somewhere else? I'm writing a library and need to know this -- std::vector<Icon> is a bit different than Icon.
current status: writing an ActivityStreams 2.0 library for JortJams and std::variant is saving my ass
@catoutofbed oh, yeah, true, I had it on for those situations too

if you're okay with it, what's your player name in Catalyst? mine's nakoudo
@catoutofbed I found I could often disable the object highlights, but for a fair number of the timed missions I needed the path highlight

for the time trials I started out with the path highlight, but as I started doing faster routes and memorizing the terrain, the path highlight was sometimes just flat out wrong and so I turned it off

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Related, here's a cool gist of the oldest glibc versions of some common distros in use

This is actually the top reason why building on an old system matters: the C library is one of the biggest pain in the asses to upgrade, so the older you can go, the better
Turns out Debian jessie was actually too old to serve as a common base -- the libwayland it ships with is 1.6, which predates wayland-client-core.h, which is what Qt's Wayland plugin uses

Let's see if Debian stretch is old enough to support a wide swath of distros
finally got 5km below 23:00, now let’s see if I can do that on actual terrain
bahaha what the hell

somehow jortjams is showing up above the Fedora lock screen
@dosnostalgic might be sampling issues or a side effect of Everything Is On The Internet, but I feel like there were just more and cooler secrets crammed into DOS games
fellow millennials, did you know we’re killing mayonnaise

I didn’t. what discord server are y’all using to talk about this
testing JortJams-as-an-AppImage on Fedora and

why the heck does GStreamer's PulseAudio plugin link against libnsl? looks like I have some stuff to turn off

(libnsl implements functions for NIS, a protocol for finding hosts that uhh AFAICT nobody has used since the early 90s)

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@calvin if they find a Big Break I assume Pitchfork or NME or someone will write a story titled "Spring in October" or something
October Project is also a band that seems to not die. They disbanded once, became November Project, disbanded again, then one of their singers adopted the moniker "decembergirl", and now they're back together again (??)

anyway I guess this means I have some new albums to check out
more from /media/samba/Music:

October Project - Bury My Lovely

I first heard this in an Utena AMV; it actually got me into AMV editing for a while. That didn't last, but the song's haunting style has stuck with me for years

supposedly this is classified as "ecto", whatever the hell that is