I replaced my devil sticks with a different pair (top: old, bottom: new) and it's amazing how much of a difference the "flowers" on the end made

the new pair seems to have much higher angular acceleration and is taking quite some time to get used to. on the other hand, that supposedly makes it better for juggling, and the iridescence kicks ass

also the new pair *really hurts* if you get hit by it. i learned that the direct way

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New Alphabet is really fun to pixel-art. it's grids taken to their extreme, so all you need to do is follow the fatbits
jortjams progress, 2017-03-22 -> now: 203 lines of code -> 30928 lines of code

it still doesn't follow accounts, but it has what is imo a really cool persistent playlist editor :P
these political spectrum memes are getting weird

(this is not an official Jimmy John's slide; it looks like a school project)
this is trivial and yet feels really good even if it's hard to explain why
Today in parkour class: swinging and building-up-the-calluses day

At its highest point, that rigging is 2.3 m (~7.5 ft); the other end is 1.8 m (~6 ft)
the amount of code it took to do this with a QML ListView is frankly ludicrous, but whatever, here's a prototype of JortJams' playlist editor

at least adding search is pretty easy
ranges TS getting some of Rust's std::iter niceness into C++

I said some, not all
weekend project: let's get mastodon running on this
digging through C&H books again
I'm reading this Snapchat memo (; be sure to disable autoplaying video) and this selection is hilarious:

"the vast majority of communication on our platform happens with just a few close friends"

tfw you invest millions to rediscover basic human behavior
continuing the Ship of Theseus thing, the last original drive in my disk array finally needed to be replaced today. this one, zfs was actually able to detect

manufactured April 2010, not a bad lifespan
Recent DDR A update (for DDR's 20th anniversary) added a "DDR SELECTION" category, where the interface (including announcer!) is re-skinned to match the song's era. Also, speed mods are disabled until you hit DDR MAX era, which is a nice nod to when said mods were introduced

(Scoring system doesn't change with era, though)
okay, libnotify made this a lot easier than I expected it to be, at least for interfaces. let's see how well my abstraction works for Windows Shell