I really like how the Qi wireless charging logo looks like a renderer tried to render two circles and goofed

(at large sizes you can make out the "qi", but scale it down to low-density displays and it really just starts looking more and more like a glitch)

lol these metaphors are so stupid

what are they going to do, nuke the virus

Yes, the fridge door rebooted

This is the invention of a shitty company called Cooler Screens, whose goal appears to be to use more power to turn fridge doors into ad space sdfn-01.ninjawedding.org/media

more DDR score nonsense 

two goals I had for 2019:

1) clear every level 15 doubles chart
2) upscore Flowers


really don't like The Reason's chart though :p sdfn-01.ninjawedding.org/media sdfn-01.ninjawedding.org/media

Some automated migration process turned older entries in Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing into free verse and I'm really enjoying this accident

this example: devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewt

lol wasabi

I'm not all that crazy about the entire internet existing in Amazon S3 buckets, but Wasabi talking shit on S3 while their system behaves like this is pretty damn funny

(this is a timeline of network operations on wasabi dot com)

it's strange that there was a time when I thought doing this sort of stuff was fun

(GVTg is an Intel technology that is supposed to virtualize Intel GPUs; KVM and Xen are supposed to have support. Supposedly, it can be used to achieve near-native graphics performance in VMs. There are many "supposed"s in the above text.)

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