finally got 5km below 23:00, now let’s see if I can do that on actual terrain
bahaha what the hell

somehow jortjams is showing up above the Fedora lock screen
testing JortJams-as-an-AppImage on Fedora and

why the heck does GStreamer's PulseAudio plugin link against libnsl? looks like I have some stuff to turn off

(libnsl implements functions for NIS, a protocol for finding hosts that uhh AFAICT nobody has used since the early 90s)
lol at the AWS re:Invent hero video
what the fuck kind of bug is this

that "hole" is 34 TIMES the size of the executable
hey @er1n is this close to what you had in mind for account following in jortjams
Let me introduce you to the most content-free trace of the century

(spoiler: it looks like it's really client-side texture memory)
Also, after a year of trying out data models and interfaces,

It Works

(Firebird's the song that actually got me thinking about this kind of app, so I thought it was a nice full-circle thing)
SotF update: proof-of-concept audio player works. ad-free, naturally: it doesn't understand how to use the ad URLs, so it just doesn't do anything with them

next bits: isolate demuxer and decoder; get this into the main application (the big bright window)
ha, it figures that cryptocurrency spammers would do this

not masking the account handle because there's nothing else on that account
youtube-dl -> gstreamer proof-of-concept

(now let's see if I can seek in it)
SotF update: although it's supported playlists (Youtube playlists, Soundcloud playlists, etc.) for a while, that information wasn't accessible in the UI until now

next up: rewriting the main window splitter thing so that the playlist drill-down view fits in there

(some of you may have noticed that the window theme keeps changing. this is because I can't find one I like; this theme in particular has dreadfully low contrast between windows. I'll probably just end up making one to bring back the glory days of the 1990s)
The beauty of working in QML/Javascript and C++ is that you're really working with similar languages, insofar as neither language gives you useful signals for dealing with type errors
I like this checkbox because of its implications. like you uncheck it and your laptop melts because it just starts generating waste heat

alternative interpretation: "haha this is linux, you think that checkbox does anything at all"
Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Coffee Lab, which is a coffee shop up around here that serves coffee in lab glassware. they’re pretty cool
Did you hear that IBM Research figured out how to make nanoscale violins
You had one job

(Note: to get checkIndex to check index validity, you need to pass IndexIsValid to it. I'm not sure why that's not the default behavior but ok)