So I'm trying to figure out how much of a difference an SSD makes to a clustered index read (vs. spinning disk) and while preparing a test I found out that neither my desktop nor laptop have spinning disks anymore


I might have to ask someone to run a test if I can't find a spare disk laying around lol
To be clear, most of the SSDs in my systems are like some of the cheapest ones you can get and it turns out they still kick hard drives' ass
Okay, I found an old Barracuda drive that still worked and these results surprise me

The index is stored in contiguous pages, so that helps, but I didn't expect it to be this close? I gotta check if something else is up

(The echo 3 > ... bit supposedly tells Linux to flush its buffers and page cache)
In case anyone is curious, what I'm doing here is a full scan of an (id, timestamp) index of ~8000 rows and loading it into a std::vector

It occurred to me that I could greatly simplify some list-loading logic by not bothering with tricky partial loads if I staged in the indexable content first and fetched the big stuff (title strings, URLs) on-demand, so now I gotta see how much random access hurts on both media

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