Here's a user stylesheet snippet you can use to replace hamburger menus with hamburgers:

.fa-bars:before {
content: "πŸ”" !important;

It doesn't work on everything, not even all websites using Font Awesome (you wouldn't believe how many ways people find to implement the hamburger...) but it occasionally pops up in hilarious places
Ways I've found people implement The Hamburger:

- fa-bars
- some other CSS class using font-face: Font Awesome (CSS doesn't have content selectors, though, so we can't replace those without JS or something)
- 3 <span>s or <div>s with appropriate styling
@zyabin101 I haven't seen that one yet, though I've only sampled a few sites
@MightyPork we're gonna have to put together a stylesheet that replaces as many hamburger menus as possible with hamburgers and shove it onto

(I can't find one already there, which surprises me)

@ninjawedding Ah, finally, a userstyle designed to make me hungry on every second page I visit! :)

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This is a small ship in the fediverse.

The name is borrowed from the mass-produced Macross-class ships in the Macross universe; SDFN-01 Hayase was the first of the line. The ships were designed to scout emigration routes ahead of the Megaroad colonization ship.

More information can be found at the Macross Compendium.