awavauatush @ninjawedding
It’s 54 F / 12 C outside :O

In Chicago, in January
It’s all wet though with no stars so the whole place feels uncomfortably cyberpunk

That sky is definitely the color of a television tuned to a dead channel too...

maybe not quite as cybrepunk, but I still like the reflections and so long as I’m live-shooting my train route I might as well do this one too

this is the elevated station at State & Lake; there’s an underground station also. fun fact: State/Lake is the only stop in the CTA train system that connects to all other lines
@er1n it’s pretty cybre but I think we’re missing the Media Sky from Avatar

@ninjawedding if you ignore the yellow line (also feel free to ignore it)

@r4v5 ooh good point -- I actually *did* forget about the Yellow Line. I really only know it as that thing that arrives at Howard when I'm waiting for the Red or the Purple Line