GNU Project guidelines recommend interactive applications have an about box that displays the GPLv3, but I found that a bit boring
still a bit too wide and I gotta also do the STAR WARS-ish intro thing
wait Disney owns Star Wars now. fuck am I gonna get sued
also does anyone know of an open font that resembles Univers (the original Star Wars crawl typeface)? I'm using Roboto and it's uhh not really that close
ok I think I've gone far enough with that Star Wars GPLv3 spoof. haven't done the camera pan at the end but I should get back to things like interprocess communication. this was pretty fun though

media nsfw'd out if you're tired of seeing this silly thing

hacky source code:
@theoutrider Free Software Song, but it's reharmonized to work with the Star Wars Main Theme

@ninjawedding I was just thinking shitty MIDI rendition of the Star Wars theme but this might be better

@ninjawedding honestly roboto is the closest I can think of

was the original condensed or regular?

@iliana I think it's a mix? the titles (e.g. "A NEW HOPE" definitely look condensed but they might also have been vertically stretched

@ninjawedding I’d say give roboto condensed bold a shot tbh

@iliana @devurandom​ yeah, Roboto Condensed Bold + Libre Franklin seems pretty good to me, thanks!

now I gotta figure out the highest-level way to get QML to do what I want with the motion

@ninjawedding iirc gsfonts features a font named "u001", which is pretty much univers.

@ninjawedding TeXLive comes with "Universalis ADF," which is not identical to Univers but may be closer than Roboto is.

@mattskala hmm, seems a bit different -- reminds me a bit of Lato?

@devurandom​ pointed me to ghostscript's, which seems like a pretty dead-on imitation of Univers. I'm still reading the Aladdin Font License though

@ninjawedding @devurandom Well, if it's a *perfect* imitation then it'll be in a copyright grey area. So the question is how close you really want it to be.

@mattskala @devurandom I guess close enough to make the visual gimmick work

I guess it's kind of a moot point, unfortunately -- U001 is under the Aladdin Free Public License and it's looking like bundling that with a GNU GPLv3 program isn't going to fly due to the AFPL's "cannot charge for distribution" clause

@ninjawedding @mattskala wait. the actual text (as opposed to headline) font used in star wars crawls is franklin gothic, of which a free version also exists (as "libre franklin").

@devurandom @mattskala ah ha! thanks for the tip

I think between that and Roboto Condensed I've got close-enough fonts to make the typography work out
@ninjawedding @mattskala @devurandom AFL is not a free license and is not compatible with any copyleft license, free or otherwise.
@maiyannah indeed -- the AFPL seems to make that choice a no-go, but since then others have pointed out several other typefaces under Apache License v2 / OFL v1.1 that'll likely work okay

@ninjawedding I am screaming because I hadn’t thought of this before holy shit

@iliana we'll see if I can get it to animate first :P

QML animations seem to occur before the transform so I think I'll have to get in there and do the matrix updates myself

@ninjawedding wow, that source is... surprisingly simple. QML seems awesome

also. filename skills. on point wtf

@cosine yeah! as a UI language I think QML is in a nice place and getting better

it has some anti-patterns which are not immediately clear, and which other declarative UI languages seem to do a better job of discouraging (lots of Javascript in a QML file, for example, can be hard to read, and e.g. XAML prevents that pattern by simply forbidding embedded code) but on the whole I think it's a good advance in UI design. the visual UI builders that use QML as their underlying representation are getting there, too
@cosine actually I lied, XAML permits intrinsic code via <x:Code> so heh

I guess that's a lot more obvious than QML code blocks, though, which are just { }
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