going on frequent runs has had an interesting side effect of getting me really hooked on 2010-era EDM and Eurobeat

one example: you wouldn't believe how many times I've listened to Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - "Concrete Angel"


tip 2: if you want to get your 1km splits as fast and consistent as possible, just load the entire SUPER EUROBEAT catalog up

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tip 2b: if you want to die, do tip (2) but make it nightcore

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@er1n I haven't tried running to breakcore but I can give that a try today

I think what I need is a steady beat just being hammered into my head

@ninjawedding hehe, i've been running into that effect, but with bike workouts and 80-90 bpm downtempo

@gdkar working at 90 bpm is something I have a hard time doing, unless it's something meditative like trying a wallrun over and over again :P

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