i'll never understand dependency count minimization

if my code works, is clean to read, and doesn't take too long to compile, ship it

@er1n one version of this i ran into recently is porting to a new platform (arch, os, etc) -- the fewer dependencies, the more likely you can successfully wrangle the whole pile into building for the new target, even if they were not written with it in mind

@cascode i mainly find this to be an issue with like, c and c++ dependency style stuff, not well-done dependency management like rust

@er1n for sure. though i'd be curious as to whether it starts to look similar when you're dealing with vendor-custom compiler triplets (whether rust is vulnerable to e.g. differences in undefined behavior between libc's)... i really don't know! at least a uniform build system probably makes it super easy to attempt the full cross-compilation of all deps, i would hope (which would certainly be a big help)

@cascode @er1n it does -- at work we've managed to put almost everything except the C and C++ standard libraries in packages and it made porting to arm64 astonishingly easy, despite having something like ~25 dependencies in the dep graph

(armhf was harder but mostly because of 32 vs. 64-bit fuckups)

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