TIL Fortran 2018 is a thing j3-fortran.org/doc/year/18/18-

number of My Little Pony references I've so far found in the Fortran 2018 standard: 0


@violet oh, it was a really obscure reference -- there's a My Little Pony reference in the draft C++20 standard; page 1461 of open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/do

@ninjawedding ah, perfect, that's tucked away so deep too. Wonderful.

@violet it's an absolutely gargantuan document, but surprisingly full of easter eggs

@violet I think one of my favorites is this really self-aware one re: the complexity of templates eel.is/c++draft/temp.spec#temp

@ninjawedding I felt like my brain was imploding for the first few clauses of that one.

@violet mine definitely imploded, but then it kinda re-coalesced into a sort of frozen horror after I realized I'd committed all those sins and more

though I don't think I've ever used a "static data member template of a non-template class", which I guess would look something like gcc.godbolt.org/z/4NPXFh

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