so Conan is a package manager for C and C++ that uses Python for configuration. one argument that goes around is "a C++ developer can probably pick up Python"

while this is probably true, I feel like Conan should have used PHP, Javascript, or some other language that also has a good part surrounded by layers of hell. it would at least be poetic
(yes, I already use Conan and it has given me huge productivity improvements. self-deprecation is also required when you work in C++ because how else would you survive)

They should have used C++ template definition as a configuration language. (It's turing complete isn't it?)

@enkiv2 it is, yeah, though currently constrained by not really having I/O facilities

@ninjawedding I also dispute that C++ programmers will be comfortable with Python, since everyone on my team always dumps the Python work on me.

(I don't know how that code got written in the first place)

@impiaaa the subset of Python typically used in a Conanfile is pretty small, at least, and looks very config-y

but, yeah, that can happen. over here one mitigating factor is that we have a lot of tools already written in Python (numpy, matplotlib being the big reasons) so knowing both ends up being a job requirement
@impiaaa also, it sucks that you get stuck holding the Python bag :(

on the other hand, are those tools the sorts of things that capture institutional knowledge and the company would be in deep shit if they stopped working

@ninjawedding nah, it's no big deal, and I'm sure someone else could pick it up if they needed to. mostly I just wanted to make the joke about unmaintainable code coming from nowhere

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