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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445
watching the Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise ( 4-way run at AGDQ 2019; FE is a pretty cool idea
I have no solutions for this, obviously, but sometimes all you can do with our fucked-up world is to stand back and sadly laugh at it
the cool thing about ASan is: the more badly you screw up, the more it looks like you're doing something amazing

heap reports look kinda meh, but stack reports have huge gleaming arrows
so, a little on the history of :yingface:

it's an emoticon from Pangya, the online golf game. my circle of friends includes someone named Ying, and this face just reminded us of him for some reason. so that's why it's yingface

the more you know
one of the cool things about hosting your own stuff these days is it makes you aware of how utterly impractical it is to host your own stuff these days
wow, the renew wildcard cert flow over Let's Encrypt is super rough

every six months or so I need to edit DNS records and noninteractive renew for the wildcard cert doesn't work at all

I went to pinboard dot com and got really scared that Maciej had lost his mind
I can say that I've been dealing with a pulled something in my shoulder (rotator cuff?), and the pain has rapidly diminished as I've kept this pull-up challenge thing going. I don't *think* there's a causative relationship there, but the timing is interesting
15 days * 51 pullups/day = 765 pullups

adaptation has been interesting. it took me about a day to go from "wow, that's really sore" to a background tightness that had to be worked out over the course of the day, occasionally augmented with a foam roller and lacrosse balls

I feel stronger; don't know if there's any visible change. guess I'll see at the end of the whole thing
what do you think it'll take for Razer or a similar brand to build in a Thinkpad 701C-ish butterfly keyboard into their laptops, except updated to use contemporary actuators

laptop keyboards are getting better, but I still much prefer the Das Keyboard Ultimate Douchebag keyboard I have around here
is it just me or does "DFSI" look sufficiently techy to get away with casually dropping it in meetings

"let's follow the DFSI data security model"

@ninjawedding it's likely coil whine, nothing to worry about. it happens to gpus under specific types of load

huh, really weird behavior I've noticed with my Vulkan test program:

when running the below test on my desktop, there's a very high-pitched whine coming from *somewhere*. the whine is audible even with the monitor and speakers off. I don't experience this on my laptop when it displays on my desktop monitor, so it seems like it's coming from inside the desktop case?? or something going to it...

I know a little bit about TEMPEST and the like, but have no idea how that could be relevant here
I want to clarify: I understand there's a lot of horrible things in wifi hardware and writing drivers is usually hard, thankless work

consider this a comment on a hypothetical gatekeeping situation
I don't know if gatekeeping on kernel code is still a thing, but I know it was at some point

if it still is, keep in mind that the ath10k_pci driver for Atheros wifi cards explodes spectacularly on a regular basis. it won't fix any social problems but I enjoy the bitter humor of it all
how is it that Chromium eats so much CPU when in Google Hangouts
this bad toot brought to you by a typo that took me three minutes to spot
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This is a small ship in the fediverse.

The name is borrowed from the mass-produced Macross-class ships in the Macross universe; SDFN-01 Hayase was the first of the line. The ships were designed to scout emigration routes ahead of the Megaroad colonization ship.

More information can be found at the Macross Compendium.

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