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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445

Some automated migration process turned older entries in Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing into free verse and I'm really enjoying this accident

this example:

having believed that we programmers finally fixed the billion-dollar mistake that is the null pointer, we proceeded to begin eating social interaction and made the trillion-dollar mistake that is the like button

today I dug through a bunch of error messages in a ThinLTO ( build that eventually pointed at some build image not using gold or lld, but rather old and busted GNU ld, which has no hope of dealing with ThinLTO at all. also I learned that rustc has been trying to migrate to gold or lld since 2016 and got stymied by Debian Wheezy

really hope all you build engineers who have to deal with this bullshit experience catharsis frequently. (y'all already know that I do)

lightning talk but it's delivered by modulating Tesla coils

to clarify: I also use kitty on a Dell XPS 13 @ 4k (some Intel UHD GPU) and it works fine

if you're looking for a terminal emulator with smooth, rapid rendering, Kovid Goyal's kitty ( and kitty-diff ( have been doing well for me lately

they seem to occasionally trigger some nasty behavior with the Linux NVidia drivers, but at this point I think all software that isn't a AAA game does that, so that isn't really a problem

well the internet says that "Alissa Zomma" is a name associated with email addresses that in turn are typically associated with 419 scams

didn't think project management software would be useful there, but ok

did anyone else get invited to a board on Trello by an "Alissa Zomma"

I have no idea who that is and I'm wondering if this is some innovative new online scam using Trello

lol wasabi

I'm not all that crazy about the entire internet existing in Amazon S3 buckets, but Wasabi talking shit on S3 while their system behaves like this is pretty damn funny

(this is a timeline of network operations on wasabi dot com)

:newl::newl:​lambda :newl:​x:newr::newl:​x x:newr::newr::newl:​lambda :newl:​x:newr::newl:​x x:newr::newr::newr:

Canonical has started using the abbreviation "k8s" and I think they mean "kubernetes", but I'm going to read it as "keystrokes" or "kohlrabies" instead

"deploy micro-kohlrabies on your desktop" sounds like what someone might say if they were heavily invested in disrupting vegetable cookery

if I ever write a software project management book I am going to title it "Manage Your Tools With Ease"

re: giant C++ symbol spam, or why 500 characters is not enough 

giant C++ symbol spam, or why 500 characters is not enough 

turns out belt drive vs. direct drive is in fact worse than emacs vs. vim or tabs vs. spaces

(seriously, try getting clang 8+thinlto to work on CMake 3.13.3 across library boundaries. for me, CMake doesn't pass -flto=thin at link time, so clang uses not-lld to link and it all returns to nothing. also I am aware that doing this in rust requires just writing lto = True in cargo.toml)

huh, MSVC makes link-time optimization surprisingly easy

I guess that's what happens when you have one linker and one compiler, vs. four build systems, three linkers, two compilers, and a partridge in a pear tree

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This is a small ship in the fediverse.

The name is borrowed from the mass-produced Macross-class ships in the Macross universe; SDFN-01 Hayase was the first of the line. The ships were designed to scout emigration routes ahead of the Megaroad colonization ship.

More information can be found at the Macross Compendium.