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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445
(I mean, for now, I can piece together what to do from SDL, but seriously, this is a mess. I don't care if you're on Team Client or Team Server, the developer experience sucks)
Look, but do not comment, on this:

I was trying to figure out why in the hell my Qt apps under Wayland had no window decorations. This appears to be entirely intentional behavior and there's code you need to write to negotiate server-side (i.e. compositor-provided) window decorations, and if you *can't* negotiate that you should provide your own decorations.

There are good arguments for doing this. I see it as the Vulkan equivalent of window management: we all need something different, so you get to put the pieces together yourself.

Where the hell is the code sample for "opt into xdg-decoration" though? That's all I really want.

last bit of hidpi kvetching for today Show more

"Pay what you want for the Humble Dystopian Bundle"

can I pay in water
on a related but much more positive note, Sven Neuhaus' DPI calculator ( is a very useful tool
anyway I think I'm going to forcibly disable automatic scaling in jortjams, because the behavior is so opaque and counterintuitive on Linux and Windows. usually in this case I blame me, but I've never had this much trouble getting scalable UIs to work on iOS

if you know of a Linux software combo that handles pixel ratios > 1 with the same grace as macOS/iOS, please let me know
so, probably to no one's surprise, it turns out:

- scaling GUIs on xorg for different pixel densities is a trash fire
- "It's better on Wayland"

you can get pretty close, but it always seems like something's off, like a text field displaying 8pt text with 8px padding everywhere
trailer for Lukas Dhont's "Girl" (2018)

seems interesting, anyway
this isn't the first time DDR made it into film as a central device, weirdly enough

like who remembers The FP (2011)
phone app that uses the camera to tell you whether you can bring something on a plane

it uses quantum computing because the answer is always uncertain until it detects you're at the airport, at which point the answer collapses down to what that one TSA agent decides
naturally, the next pair I get will have to be the ones that you can set on fire

those are really tricky, though, because there's no grip on the center shaft *at all*
I replaced my devil sticks with a different pair (top: old, bottom: new) and it's amazing how much of a difference the "flowers" on the end made

the new pair seems to have much higher angular acceleration and is taking quite some time to get used to. on the other hand, that supposedly makes it better for juggling, and the iridescence kicks ass

also the new pair *really hurts* if you get hit by it. i learned that the direct way
one of these application questions is like "what are the benefits of the MVC architecture?" and it's really hard to not spew a lot of text out

I think that's probably the point of the question, though: how economically can you write. it's quite hard
ok how do you say "solder"

I have always elided the "l" and there are apparently people on the interweb who get very mad when you do that

i mean, people mad over stupid shit is nothing new, but I'm curious
it turns out the people at twitter really do use twitter, it's just that their main client is the web inspector's network performance tab

TIL Twitter does adaptive HLS streaming for 25 second videos embedded in tweets, because that matters

in case you were wondering where all their engineering effort goes