Temperatures gradually dropping into the 60 - 70 degrees F range. Rather sucks that it means we're plunging back into gray skies and scarce sunlight, but on the other hand this temperature range turns out to be quite good for my laptop

Been listening to PRIZM's debut album, All Night: prizmwave.bandcamp.com/album/a

So far "We Were Young" is seriously earworming me: prizmwave.bandcamp.com/track/w

They're a synthwave duo from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the US. If this hellplague ever goes away, I'd love to catch 'em on tour...

tl;dr: fuck the internet, why the fuck do I even read this hellhole, I'm going outside

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So, one thing about the Caster Semenya case (and how Twitter, which as we know is full of physicians and encrinologists, likes to bring up other physical anomalies) that really grinds my gears is how poisonous that line of reasoning is. It makes you think that you can't excel without some genetic modification.

Fuck that.

This is something I have to fight a lot in parkour teaching, and I absolutely blame our fucked-up spectacle culture for it. People give up on difficult or large maneuvers because "they're not built for it" or some whiny bullshit excuse. They never consider the possibility that a lot of it comes down to form and mental preparation.

People like to say that "oh of course, I'm arguing about the top end of the elites here, where physical differences can play a role". From what I've seen, people believe this sort of thing much more deeply than they'll admit online.

(I do know who Adam K & Soha are, and Wildfire definitely incorporates motifs similar to what you'd hear in an Adam K & Soha track. Maybe I'm just a sucker for those eighth-note patterns)

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Gonna plug Wildfire again. I dunno, there's something about the song that really gets me going.

I found this out while listening to it on my Sunday run (11 km today, whee), and when this came on somewhere around the 9.5 km mark I felt a really obvious second wind. Not saying it'll do that for everyone, but it sure did it for me.

(Also check out Brenna MacQuarrie's work; she co-wrote the song and is the vocalist)

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I've been listening to BT's "The Lost Art of Longing" recently. Track 2, "Wildfire", sticks with me because I have a copy of "Fire", which I'm pretty sure is a demo that "Wildfire" was based on.

Anyway, I think it's pretty good: youtube.com/watch?v=jnS4cfPbPg

The drop starting at 3:50 makes me smile.

Sometimes I think the only thing the Khronos Group does is logo design

follow-up: If you have a Radeon, the most recent incarnation of the GPU profiling tool seems to be gpuopen.com/rgp/

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suddenly Apple deprecating OpenCL for Metal seems like not such a horrible idea after all. at least with that you can actually get profiling tools

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One thing I love about OpenCL programming is that every link you find for an OpenCL debugger or profiler goes to an NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel page, which means there's a 100% chance that that link will be broken

It seems like a really funny joke that while we've never had so much capability to simulate and test, so much of that capability is rendered wasted by (take your pick) bad software, political interference, poor cross-disciplinary communication, ...

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I'm watching a bunch of vendor videos from ISC 2020, a high-performance computing conference. Many of them (NVIDIA, AWS, Lenovo, HP Enterprise so far) like to point out what they're doing specifically in the way of COVID-19. Because, you know, We're All In This Together or something like that.

I've been thinking about what they're saying and trying to reconcile that with how it seems like nobody in the Northern Hemisphere has an idea of what to do when people start spending more time indoors. Lots of promises about "free cycles" in compute clouds, but I guess there's a big gap between that and, say, useful fluid dynamics simulations -- perhaps, say, getting epidemiologists and aerodynamicists to talk to each other.

I went looking, again, for a reasonably compatible way to detect new monitors under Linux DEs and TIL the org.freedesktop.DisplayManager D-Bus service has a very different definition of "display"

Is anyone else getting bizarre spam-as-correspondence like this

I think what's remarkable about this article, though, is that it showed me, someone who doesn't use Haskell very much, how in a system like Haskell you can reason about surprises like this using (more or less) just substitution and reduction.

maybe it's a thing in (say) C++ too, but I can't recall consciously operating like that

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Haskell programmers seem to have a lot more fun than me:

"How Accursed and Unutterable is accursedUnutterablePerformIO?": free.cofree.io/2020/07/20/perf

Gareth Emery - The Lasers (album launch live set) youtube.com/watch?v=9TZ-tnRyQ7

(note: video contains strobe lights)

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