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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445
My modified Gitlab Flow:

1. Open issue
2. Create merge request
3. Shitpost on fedi for 30 minutes
I wish programs that had --force or -f options customarily stacked them like --verbose or -v

docker rm: graceful remove
docker rm -f: force remove
docker rm -f -f: do I look like I give a shit what process state "D" means
preemptive jokes: "it's edited like the book"; "well it is pretty funny anyway"
one thing that makes Fifty Shades Darker (2017) really, really hard to take seriously is its editing

it doesn't transition between moods smoothly at all; it juxtaposes scenes in ways typical of comedies, and nobody seems to be affected by anything. intense fright immediately precedes quiet intimacy immediately precedes millennial euphoria
as an occasional cosplayer, this headline confused the hell out of me
what's especially distressing is that it isn't a solved problem even if you think you're being careful (like I was) and only loading/creating what you need on demand. *something* still bloats
previous status contained a memory usage graph; I scrolled through a 30,000 item list using xdotool (look it up - it sends X events; very useful GUI automation tool)

the peak snapshots are dominated by QML and QML accessories: bindings, text layout, GL-related junk from the nvidia driver, as well as a 44 MB chunk effectively labeled "lol idk". will have to make massif dig deeper but I guess the immediate moral here is "scrolling isn't a solved problem"
Gee, you think there's something here desperately trying to collect garbage
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@ninjawedding i think vim's technique for feature discovery is "let them typo something and find shit out" cause that's how i find everything

like q: gives the ex history which is useful, and i type it all the time when trying to quit

come on anime internet, fix this injustice
poll: have you ever accidentally hit some keys and had vim do something useful

i do that all the time. this time it was a pane movement operation
np-synchronicity (Grimes, Bastille, Mastodon)
It's a bit close, but if you're in or can make it to Bridgeport in tomorrow, a friend told me about this:

A Sip Of Sexy: the Sex Worker's Art Group Gala
This might sound ludicrous to a lot of you:

- "You have only a week for two features?"
- "You have that much time for two features?"
When you need to crank out two features in a week, that's when Rails is really the right choice
midi over activitypub hits unfortunate name collision
so I finally saw San Junipero (Black Mirror S3E4)

hits home and hard on coming out, parental rejection, and wanting to escape it all to live in a world you know is limited, fake, and yet exactly what you want
to be clear, that's not my hardware; it's a Threadripper I have to administer
okay, some people are using a now-playing script that posts URLs that point to SoundCloud URLs

what the fuck why would you do that