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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445

Yesterday I proved the relationship between the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio using coq:

it's not terribly fancy (or long), but there are a couple of tricks here 'n there

their axiomatization of the reals is surprisingly not too difficult to work with!

One of the creators of NoiseTracker (one of the first module trackers) did a retrospective on NoiseTracker:

@neon oh haha, I didn't know where follow requests showed up in this version of the glitchsoc UI. sorry about ignoring yours for like, forever :P

incidentally if you like this research and you want me to eventually apply it in the future to help more people, help me get to med school:

i've been doing a lot of research into different methods around genital reconfiguration surgery, but i haven't shared the posts widely. however, after realizing how hostile and objectifying the language can be, i'm going to start doing so on this account so people can see. without further ado--

the C in C++ stands for "climate change" because I sure as hell ain't preventing it with this many active cores

maybe helpful CMake tip: the simpler your project structure, the more likely CMake will be able to parallelize it

I mean this applies for all build systems, but I'm just happy that by removing shit I was able to make this build monstrosity finally fill 16 cores

TIL about the Famicom game Lagrange Point, which produced its music via a YM2413 derivative (kinda like an OPL2 FM synthesis chip)

this is supposedly the game's music:

not sure how I'd feel hearing that from a Famicom, it's just so far beyond what the NES APU could do

notebook: toot
subnotebook: subtoot
ultrabook: ultratoot

ok, yeah, if you click on the markers you do get an additional data point, but I really like looking at this map and imagining all it says is "Alumni: Yes"

amusingly, below this map, the alumni association webpage has a heatmap which shows far more data and requires no interaction

(there's a lot more to it than that, of course, I just like that sentence because I read it as deadpan dark humor)

this paper on Facebook memorials ( has this gem of a sentence:

"While both the traffic generated by the bereaved and the internal training of new models are possible uses of digital remains, they do not guarantee long-term profitability."

just like last year, parkour training under explosions

"but why would you that" well, I'm one of those quixotic idiots who still believes cross-compilation works

ok this is by far my new favorite apt bug:

installing clang-8:amd64 from blocks installation of libegl1-mesa-dev:arm64 because libgl1-mesa-dri:arm64 requires libllvm8:arm64, which is marked as exclusive with with clang-8:amd64

or "I installed a compiler and broke OpenGL"

bytecode interpreter for constexpr C++ evaluation:

it's a natural progression for evaluators: you start with a tree walker, then you move to a bytecode interpreter (then a JIT, then...) but I think it's still neat to see this happening in C++. my understanding is that Jai implements a bytecode interpreter for its pound-run directive

(how does rustc do const fn? seems like this would be a natural path also)

tbh though this is just because I'm an asshole and I love chaos when I don't have to fix it

whenever some major internet company has issues I like to marvel at the number of other major internet companies basically stop working

at some point I would like to correlate that to the number of major internet companies whose executives have complained about the water or power systems

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This is a small ship in the fediverse.

The name is borrowed from the mass-produced Macross-class ships in the Macross universe; SDFN-01 Hayase was the first of the line. The ships were designed to scout emigration routes ahead of the Megaroad colonization ship.

More information can be found at the Macross Compendium.