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ok, fixed contact info:

for the paranoid, the current SHA-256 of that snippet is ef81bc8943f25a46b5e664d98887b71202b07861fa9d81f3fb67cd8c5e8a4445
oh ok, and this is where I learn about gcc specs, which bake in secret behavior to things like link lines. gcc -dumpspecs confirms that -Wl,--as-needed is being inserted in this situation even though no compiler invocation included it


you ever just want to burn it all down
oh, the binary produced by clang has one NEEDED entry per shared library, even for those that are transitively included. therefore RUNPATH can be involved to resolve those dependencies

how is that even happening? I thought that was ld's job, not clang's
I'm running into this weird problem where -Wl,-rpath as passed to the linker by clang is generating different results than -Wl,-rpath as passed by gcc

they both result in a RUNPATH ELF entry, but the loader is resolving indirect dependencies via RUNPATH for the clang-produced binary and not via the gcc-produced binary, and I don't see any other special linker flags

this is the kind of bullshit that is such a torturous distraction that you know that Ulrich Drepper had to have been involved
I just realized that the film comparison is unfair, because I'm aware of at least one director (Christopher Nolan) who makes a point of dropping you directly into the movie with zero or minimal title sequence.

you can start watching Interstellar faster than it takes TeamCity to boot
why do so many webapps have seven-hour startup sequences

I want to access a CI server, not watch a film
seriously though, if the EU wants to legislate something, they should totally penalize companies for broken password reset systems. looking at you, Mindbody
my upload filter is asynchronous and eventually consistent on a geological time scale

article 17 compliance complete
so while Apple is announcing new ways to screw us, I think it's important to point that all of Conan O'Brien's remotes are now available online at

they are also absurd but in a way that is actually funny

I wrote something about abstract interpretation -- a way of analyzing programs without executing them -- and using coq!

I'd like to start using a screen reader to understand how they work and especially understand JortJams' usability under reader conditions. Orca ( seems like the most advanced reader for Linux; is this correct?
catching up on songs posted to and I just learned that @amphetamine threw out this bomb-ass track

Aero Chord - Prime Time
hey has anyone seen @djsundog around recently

I just noticed that his nowplaying bot hasn't posted anything for two weeks
the plot twist of course is that the answer is "nothing, because none of my audio input devices work in Linux"
flatpak seems pretty cool for acknowledging that e.g. we need more fine-grained control over what you can do with a PulseAudio connection, and starting to work on it

(the default behavior seems like you get unrestricted access to PA, which means you get to play *and* record from *any* known device. you know, What Could Possibly Go Wrong levels of access)
LB: the whole 5-part series is a good read; I guess you can read it either forwards or backwards

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I'm mentioning nodesource because that's what I'm currently looking at, but they are definitely _not_ the only ones who do this, and in some sense their action is logical: even *if* you had the fingerprint, what the hell would you do with it? call them up to verify the key?
I love how Nodesource supplies a curl | bash thing to install their node.js apt repository key into a system, because they don't verify the key fingerprint and they don't publish a fingerprint anywhere that you can manually check

I think this says a lot about how (not) effective PGP keys have become for verifying anything
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This is a small ship in the fediverse.

The name is borrowed from the mass-produced Macross-class ships in the Macross universe; SDFN-01 Hayase was the first of the line. The ships were designed to scout emigration routes ahead of the Megaroad colonization ship.

More information can be found at the Macross Compendium.

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