Oh, the RGB effect controls are in a different file, never mind

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(There is a Linux kernel module for tweaking LED patterns on the Razer Kraken headsets at github.com/openrazer/openrazer, and it claims to support the Razer Kraken Kitty, but I don't see it in the driver source code and I'm also wondering if this really needs to be a kernel module)

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Never expected a couple years' worth of looking at USB host-to-device traces to be useful in getting cat ear headphones to do their thing, but here we are

I have yet to find a place that does (1) and (2) but do let me know if you know of such a location

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Seems like the only times I get enough time to do work are

  1. at laundromats
  2. in trees

T-Mobile (maybe others) seem to be doing this thing where they'll provide a name along with a number, but it's the name of the account holder, not who's actually calling you.

So far I've found this to be a great way to find out names of people's spouses, but not really all that useful for telling me who's calling

Obvious solution: put all server software permanently into maintenance mode

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Imagine how great it'd be if every piece of server software started up as quickly as its maintenance mode screen

Seriously, what kind of "sports" do these designers engage in where gravity is evidently an edge case

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Nothing Works part 61: I drop a Bluetooth earbud marketed for sports use on the ground, and now it occasionally fucks out and loses Bluetooth signal

Of course, this is when I learn that e-bikes have been a thing in China since the 1990s

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Pedal assist bikes, or e-bikes, are weird. By weird, I mean that I'm absolutely not used to the extra torque that comes from apparently nowhere when you start pedaling.

(As far as I can tell, in the Divvy e-bikes, there's a DC motor attached to the rear wheel. Both rear- and front-wheel drive seem to be possible according to schematics I've seen on the interwebs.)

Anyway, my friends and I decided that the best thing we could do with this gift of torque was to use the bike as launch assist for skaters, and it works astonishingly well for that

As it turns out, ~35% of my home storage array's usage is crappy 90s-00s movies

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When writing reports or other long-form material, I've found that I am most productive when I've got some crappy 90s-00s movie playing in an adjacent tile. Is anyone else broken like this

About six months ago, the source code to Mod4Win (a module player for Windows) was made available by its authors: github.com/shamblernaut/Mod4Wi

There's a lot of module player code already out there, but I remember, as a kid, being fascinated by Mod4Win's interface, which was very unlike any other Windows program I'd used before. (There's an imagemap version of the UI at kay-bruns.de/mod4win/mod4win/i.) Almost 30 years later, I can peek into how it was built...

2020: C++ has at least three error-reporting mechanisms, making it enormously inconvenient to compose functions from different sources

2021: Joke's on you, Copilot

Actually it turns out that Adafruit has this platform called FLORA that seems like it'd be a great base to build on

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Hi Lazyweb,

I'm looking for a device that:

  • Can use GPS (though I guess GLONASS or Galileo also work) to track distances and velocity while running
  • Can store and play music using Bluetooth
  • Will allow me to download run logs, wired or wireless -- either is fine by me
  • Can survive at least one contact with concrete and/or water, because come on it's fucking 2021
  • Does not require any sort of online account or pairing process

Any suggestions? Assume budget is not a concern.

If no such devices exist, I was planning to go check out how I could build something like this on my own (read: "go spend a lot of time on Adafruit"), but there's a possibility that something like this is out there.

To do my part to reduce energy use, this weekend I built llvm and gcc 26 times

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